Special Track – Sustainability and ESG Technologies


In an era of rapid technological advancement, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals have become critical for organizations across the globe. ESG considerations are no longer just ethical or regulatory, but have significant implications for a company’s reputation, sustainability, and profitability. This track aims to explore the role of technology in enabling and advancing ESG objectives and to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to exchange innovative technologies, solutions and services, latest research results, and practical experiences and lessons learned to create a sustainable future.


Track Chairs:

Fanjing Meng, Shuguang Qi



This conference track will span across various critical themes, including but not limited to:

1. ESG Foundations:

  • International ESG regulations and compliance
  • ESG standards and their evolution
  • The role of ESG in corporate governance
  • Ethical considerations in ESG management

2. ESG Data Management and Reporting:

  • Data collection methods for ESG metrics
  • Machine learning applications in ESG data analysis
  • ESG reporting best practices
  • ESG data quality and integrity

3. AI for ESG:

  • AI-driven ESG risk assessment
  • Natural language processing for ESG data analysis
  • AI in ESG portfolio management
  • Ethical AI and transparency in ESG applications
  • Sustainable AI for ESG

4. Sustainable Computing for ESG:

  • Green computing and sustainable IT practices
  • Circular economy and technology’s role in ESG
  • Eco-friendly data centers and infrastructure
  • Technology’s impact on reducing electronic waste

5. Governance through Technology:

  • Technology-enhanced corporate governance practices
  • Blockchain and transparent governance structures
  • Data security and privacy in governance
  • Ethical considerations in technology-driven governance

6. Renewable Energy Technologies:

  • Solar energy advancements and adoption
  • Wind energy technology and innovation
  • Biomass and bioenergy solutions for ESG
  • Geothermal and hydropower technologies in ESG initiatives

7. Sustainable Innovation:

  • Sustainable product design and innovation
  • Technology-driven solutions for waste reduction
  • Circular economy business models
  • Sustainable agriculture and food technology