Special Track – Learning, Estimation and Control in Intelligent Systems


We invite papers that describe novel methodology for research and development of intelligent systems with distributed components for sensing and/or computation and/or actuation. Such systems have become pervasive in the realm of unmanned machinery applicable to drones, underwater vehicles, self-driving automobiles, and robotics. This setting requires new approaches for sensor’s data extraction, representation, and transfer for its potential processing, encompassing learning and estimation within cloud-based frameworks, and facilitating the generation of controls. Both theoretical and practical technological approaches will be considered in this track. Submissions will undergo rigorous peer review by an esteemed panel of experts, with accepted papers being showcased at the conference and published in the proceedings of IEEE International Congress on Intelligent and Service-Oriented Systems Engineering (CISOSE).


Track Chair:

Stas Tiomkin



This conference track will explore a wide range of themes and topics, including but not limited to: 

  1. Learning/Estimation/Control with multiple sensors
  2. Learning/Estimation/Control over network
  3. Learning/Estimation/Control with Cloud in loop
  4. Learning/Estimation/Control with multiple agents
  5. Learning/Estimation/Control with multiple objectives
  6. Applications
  • drones
  • robotics
  • self-driving vehicles
  • autonomous underwater vehicles