Special Track – Smart City, Big Data and AI Services


In today’s urban landscape, the convergence of technology and urban development has paved the way for the concept of smart cities. This specialized track aims to explore the intricate interplay between Smart City initiatives, Big Data utilization, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. It serves as a platform to dissect and discuss the transformative impact of leveraging Big Data-driven AI solutions in creating smarter, more efficient, and sustainable urban environments. Experts, innovators, and city planners will converge to share their insights and strategies, shedding light on the deployment of AI-driven services in the context of urban development.



IoT Integration, Data-driven Urban Planning, Predictive Analytics, AI-Powered Citizen Services, Inclusive Smart City Solutions, Data Security in Urban Applications, Recommender Systems for Smart Cities.


Track Chair:

Iraklis Valamis



This conference track will span across various critical themes, including but not limited to:

  1. Smart City Infrastructure:
  • Integration of IoT devices and sensors in urban landscapes
  • Data collection and management for smart city initiatives
  • Urban planning and optimization through data-driven insights
  • Connectivity and networking technologies for smart cities
  • Sustainability and resilience in smart city infrastructure

     2. Big Data Analytics for Urban Development:

  • Utilization of Big Data for urban decision-making processes
  • Predictive analytics for optimizing city services and utilities
  • Data-driven strategies for traffic management and congestion reduction
  • Environmental monitoring and management using Big Data analytics
  • Social and economic impact assessment through data analytics

      3. AI Services in Smart Cities:

  • AI-powered citizen services and engagement platforms
  • Automation and optimization of city operations using AI
  • AI-driven solutions for energy efficiency and resource management
  • Enhancing public safety and emergency response systems with AI
  • Ethical considerations in deploying AI services within smart cities

      4. Citizen-Centric Smart City Solutions:

  • Inclusive and accessible AI-driven services for all city residents
  • Engaging citizens in co-creation of smart city initiatives
  • Privacy and data security in citizen-centric smart city applications
  • User experience design for AI-driven urban services
  • Collaborative approaches between government, private sector, and citizens for smarter cities