Visa Information

If you need a visa to enter China, please apply for one as early as possible. To avoid frustration and disappointment:

  • Advance planning by travelers is essential. Review your visa status and find out if you need a Chinese visa or a visa renewal.
  • Plan to submit your visa application well in advance of your intended departure date. Contact your nearest Chinese embassy or consulate for a current time estimate and recommendations.
  • Visit the embassy or consular section where you plan to apply for your visa. Visit their website to find important information on how to schedule an interview appointment and pay fees.


Please note that this information is given in good faith, but the regulations may change. You can find useful information at


Visa Letters
Official letters of invitation for visa applications will be available to REGISTERED and PAID participants only. These letters do not and cannot commit the Organizing Committee to any financial obligation. Upon successful completion of your online registration and full payment of your registration fee, please contact Prof. WEN Wu to request your visa invitation letter.