Special Track – Responsible AI


In the era of rapid AI advancements, ensuring the responsible development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) is of utmost importance. This conference track aims to delve deeply into the multifaceted aspects of responsible AI by focusing on the principles, frameworks, techniques, and best practices that underpin its ethical, fair, and transparent use. It provides a platform for experts, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to share their insights, findings, and innovations in promoting AI that benefits society while respecting ethical considerations and human values.


Track Chairs:

Fanjing Meng, Xiaotian Xu



This conference track will explore a wide range of themes and topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Principles of Responsible AI:
    * Ethical AI development and deployment
    * Fairness, bias, and discrimination mitigation
    * Accountability and transparency in AI systems
    * Privacy and data protection in AI applications
    * Legal and regulatory aspects of responsible AI
  2. Frameworks for Ethical AI:
    * AI governance and compliance frameworks
    * Risk assessment and management in AI projects
    * Explainable AI and model interpretability
    * Trustworthiness and reliability in AI systems
    * Human-AI interaction and collaboration models
  3. Techniques for Responsible AI:
    * Development of fair and unbiased AI algorithms
    * Applications of AI for societal good
    * AI auditing and monitoring approaches
    * Ensuring robustness and security in AI systems
    * Tools and methods for bias detection and mitigation
  4. Best Practices in Responsible AI:
    * Case studies showcasing responsible AI implementations
    * Industry-specific applications aligned with ethical principles
    * Strategies for building responsible AI teams and cultures
    * Real-world challenges and solutions in responsible AI
    * Ensuring AI technologies benefit all segments of society